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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

Geek Bar B5000 vs Elf Bar BC5000


Christopher Fournier


Jan 17, 2024


Geek Bar

Geek Bar B5000 vs Elf Bar BC5000

Summary of Key Points:

  • The Geek Bar B5000 and Elf Bar BC5000 are similar in shape, size, and puff count but have distinct design and build qualities.
  • Geek Bar B5000 has a superior design with a better mouthpiece and faster charging, while Elf Bar BC5000 offers a few more flavour options.
  • Geek Bar B5000 provides a better vaping experience due to its mesh coil, leading to richer taste and larger clouds.
  • Overall, we recommend the Geek Bar B5000 for its quality build and vaping experience. Find your next disposable vape device from U Vape and enjoy the confidence that comes with purchasing a quality product.

Disposable vape devices are everywhere these days—so when you’ve got a choice between two (or more) options that look fairly similar on the surface, it’s always helpful to look at the specs for an idea of what will serve you best. In this article, our team at U Vape compares two of the most popular flavoured disposables available in Canada that each offer ~5000 puffs per unit: the Geek Bar B5000 and the Elf Bar BC5000.

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Elf Bar BC5000 vape devices near packaging with warning labels

Via Elf Bar.

Elf Bar

Elf Bar brands themselves as a lifestyle-first company—their tagline is “make it elf, enjoy yourself”, which is certainly pretty fun to say. The company has gained a lot of popularity here in Canada as well (although their products had to be renamed in the US following a lawsuit against their Chinese parent company, Shenzhen IMiracle Technology Co. Ltd.).

Geek Bar B5000 devices in different flavours

Via Geek Bar.

Geek Bar

Geek Bar is an e-cig brand that started in 2015, quickly gaining a reputation for cost-effectiveness and reliability. Their mission is a simple but noble one: make disposable vapes taste better and cost less.

Similarities Between the Geek Bar B5000 & Elf Bar BC5000

Like we said at the start of this article, these are two pretty similar devices at first glance (which is probably why so many people seem to get hung up on choosing between the two). In fact, there’s even some confusion among consumers as to whether Geek Bar and Elf Bar are owned by the same company—but don’t worry; they’re not.

Still, both devices have roughly the same shape and size, are designed to last for the same number of puffs, and come in a wide variety of available (and appealing) flavours. Your choice of MTL-capable disposable will probably come down to your usage patterns and design preferences.

Head to Head with the Geek Bar B5000 & Elf Bar BC5000

When you look past the obvious, it becomes clear that these are actually two very different disposables. Here’s what you can expect from each one when it comes to what really counts.

Comparison Chart

Geek Bar B5000 Elf Bar BC5000
Design and Build Compact box shape, smooth matte
finish, fingerprint-proof, food-grade
PCTG material, gradient colour
Small box style, stylish and
ergonomic design, slim and light.
Size 80x40x19mm 79x41x19mm
Battery Capacity 650mAh rechargeable 650mAh rechargeable
Charging Time 45 minutes to 1 hour Approx. 1 hour
E-Liquid Capacity 14ml 13ml
Puff Count Up to 5000 puffs Up to 5000 puffs
Flavour Variety 15 flavours 39 flavours
Mouthpiece Design Slightly flatter and more comfortable Gently sloping, made of hard plastic
Vaping Experience Tight MTL draw, mesh coil for enhanced flavour Quality MTL draw, no mesh coil
USB Charging Yes Yes
Additional Features LED light, airflow strips LED light

Next, we take a closer look at the most important areas and tell you which device we think comes out on top.

Geek Bar B5000 devices on brightly coloured background

Via Youtube.

Design & Build

The Geek Bar B5000 offers a compact, box-shaped design with a smooth matte finish, which is both fingerprint-proof and comfortable to hold. Its ergonomic mouthpiece and gradient colour design for each flavour are also nice little touches that speak to the brand’s keen eye for details.

The Elf Bar BC5000 also has a small, stylish box-style build. It's slim, light, and fits well in the pocket, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go vaping. Ergonomics are great too—although we find the mouthpiece a bit cheaper-feeling, due to the hard plastic it uses.

Winner: Geek Bar B5000.

Battery & Capacity

Both devices are equipped with a 650mAh rechargeable battery, but they differ slightly in their charging times and e-liquid capacities. The Geek Bar B5000 takes 45 minutes to an hour for full charging and comes with 14ml of e-juice, while the Elf Bar BC5000 can be charged in about 1 hour and has a slightly lower e-liquid capacity of 13ml.

Winner: Geek Bar B5000.

Available Flavours

You get a huge number of flavours from both devices here, but the Elf Bar BC5000 offers slightly more to choose from: 45 distinct flavours to the Geek Bar B5000’s 30. That’s not to say they’re better flavours, mind you—just that there are a few more of them.

Winner: Elf Bar BC5000

Vaping Experience

Here’s where things go decisively in favour of the Geek Bar B5000. It’s got a mesh coil that the Elf Bar BC5000 doesn’t have—meaning the Geek Bar has more contact with the e-liquid inside the device and delivers richer taste with larger clouds.

Winner: Geek Bar B5000

Our Overall Choice:

The Geek Bar B5000Again, these are two similarly-sized, similarly-priced disposable devices with similar puff counts—but if you’re trying to choose between them, we’d say go with Geek Bar.

The B5000 holds more e-liquid than the BC5000, charges slightly faster, has a higher-quality mouthpiece, and provides a better taste thanks to its integrated mesh coil. Yeah, it’s a tiny bit bigger and doesn’t come in (quite) as many flavours—but we’re quality over quantity people here at U Vape.

Buy your next Geek Bar disposable vape here, or check out other disposables available at U Vape. And remember: there are plenty of options out there, so it’s best to try a few—after all, it’s not like you’re going to be stuck with them forever!

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