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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

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  • SMOK Novo 4 & Novo 4 Mini FAQ
    November 29, 2022 Christopher Fournier

    SMOK Novo 4 & Novo 4 Mini FAQ

    How can you get the best vaping experience from your SMOK Novo 4 or Novo 4 Mini pod system? By reading our handy FAQ, that’s how! Let our team at UVape provide you with the knowledge you need to make...

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  • UWell Caliburn GK2 FAQ
    October 25, 2022 Christopher Fournier

    UWell Caliburn GK2 FAQ

    The UWell Caliburn GK2 Device offers USBC charging, adjustable airflow, and more. Read our review of this device here and find out if it’s a good fit for you.

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Vape Device Reviews

Product Comparisons

  • 10 Best STLTH Flavours
    August 23, 2022 Christopher Fournier

    10 Best STLTH Flavours

    STLTH pod systems are great for vaping a wide range of salt nice e-juices, but which ones are the best? Here’s a list of our favourites.

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  • 10 Best Caliburn Flavours
    August 8, 2022 Christopher Fournier

    10 Best Caliburn Flavours

    Wondering what e-juice flavours to use in your Caliburn device? We’ve got a list here with 10 of our favourites. Try them all & see which one you like best!

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More Reviews

  • Utillian 620 dry herb vaporizer on table
    September 28, 2021 Cameron Martel

    Utillian 620 Dry Herb Vape Review

    The Utillian 620 is the “bigger brother” to the 421 and is a better portable vape in every way. Its conduction oven & glass stem make a great combo! Our pick for best vape under $200 CAD!

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U Vape News

  • Canadian Vaping Excise Tax Explained
    December 8, 2022 Christopher Fournier

    Canadian Vaping Excise Tax Explained

    How could you be affected by the Canada vaping excise tax? Don’t worry; we’re here to tell you everything you need to know. Learn more about when this tax was implemented, what products it applies to, and how it will...

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  • 2022 New Website Features
    January 20, 2022 Christopher Fournier

    2022 New Website Features

    We’ve Updated Our Website: Explore the New Features That Makes Shopping Fast & Easy This time last year we introduced a new website that brought with it many improvements from the old one—namely the increased visibility of products and a...

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