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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

SMOK Nord 2 vs. Nord 4 vs. Novo 4

SMOK Nord 2, SMOK Nord 4, and SMOK Novo 4 vaporizers


  • The SMOK Nord 2, Nord 4, and Novo 4 devices all evoke the brand’s distinctive styling, but each one is engineered to cater towards a different segment of users.
  • The Nord 2 offers simplicity and portability, with a 1500 mAh battery, 4.5ml e-liquid capacity, and a compact design.
  • The Nord 4 features enhanced battery capacity at 2000 mAh, airflow control, and UP/DOWN buttons. It has a slightly larger size than the other devices.
  • The Novo 4 is light and suitable for MTL vaping, featuring draw activation and a bright OLED screen. It contains a smaller 800 mAh battery and 2mL e-liquid capacity.
  • For help finding a vape device that matches your preferences and style, explore U Vape’s collection. We carry the most popular devices from SMOK and other leading brands.

SMOK Nord 2 vs. Nord 4 vs. Novo 4

SMOK pod systems offer excellent design and a range of innovative features, but choosing the right model for you can be challenging. Three of the best SMOK devices—the Nord 2, Nord 4, and Novo 4—each feature slightly different specs that make them more or less appropriate for certain types of users, so it’s important to do some research on these models before you commit to buying one.

Fortunately, we know vaping devices inside and out, so we did the research for you. Below, you’ll find a detailed comparison of these models, including their features, prices, and more. Use what you learn here to determine which SMOK pod system will serve you best.

How we compared the SMOK Nord 2, Nord 4 and Novo 4.

To get a sense of how these devices differ from another, we looked at 10 key specs:

  • Price
  • E-Liquid Capacity
  • Coil Compatibility
  • Refillability
  • Activation Type
  • Battery Capacity
  • Charging Port Type
  • Charge Length
  • Size
  • Weight

We also provide some of our thoughts on each device’s pros and cons, and offer an opinion regarding the type of user who might be best-suited to each device. Now, let’s get started!

Nord 2 on white background with key features

SMOK Nord 2

The SMOK Nord 2 is the older and smaller version of the Nord models we’re looking at here. That said, it’s still an excellent pod system for anyone looking for a simple, well-designed device.

So, what kind of specs does the Nord 2 boast? Have a look:

  • Price: $54.99
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Coil Compatibility: The Nord 2 comes with a Nord Pod (compatible with Nord series coils) and an RPM pod (compatible with RPM series coils)
  • Refillability: Refillable pod cartridges
  • Activation Type: Button-activated
  • Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Charging Port Type: Micro USB
  • Charge Length: Approx. 60 minutes (with supplied charger)
  • Size: 95mm x 30.5mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 79g

The Nord 2 has a simple, minimalist layout with a conveniently placed fire button and uses convenient push-in coils. However, using the fire button to adjust the device’s wattage can be a bit of a pain.

Other than that, there’s really nothing wrong with this system—unless you’re comparing it to the Nord 4. The Nord 2 has a smaller output range (1–40W vs. 5–80W), a smaller battery, and comes in fewer colour schemes. It also lacks the Nord 4’s airflow control features.

Still, the Nord 2 makes an excellent device for anyone who wants a simple and straightforward pod system. It’s also smaller and more portable. So if you don’t need the bells and whistles on the Nord 4, this will still do the job and then some.


  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Easy to use
  • Uncluttered design


  • Smaller battery than other devices
  • Adjusting wattage can be tricky
  • Smaller output range than Nord 4
Nord 4 on white background with key features

SMOK Nord 4

The SMOK Nord 4 offers a few upgrades you won’t get in the Nord 2. It’s more powerful, has a larger battery, and offers airflow control—at the expense of being larger and a little less portable.

Here’s how the Nord 4 fares when it comes to the specs on our list:

  • Price: $59.99
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Coil Compatibility: The Nord 4 comes with a Nord 4 RPM Pod (compatible with RPM series coils) and a Nord 4 RPM2 pod (compatible with RPM2 series coils)
  • Refillability: Refillable pod cartridges
  • Activation Type: Button-activated
  • Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Charging Port Type: USB-C
  • Charge Length: Approx. 80 minutes (with supplied charger)
  • Size: 104.9mm x 33.7mm x 24.4mm
  • Weight: 80g

The Nord 4 also features UP/DOWN buttons that make changing the power output considerably easier than it is on the Nord 2. And for users who prefer to fine-tune their draw, the airflow control knobs allow you to dial in an extremely personalized experience.

What are the drawbacks? Well, it’s a bit larger, which means it’ll take up more room inside a purse or bag. And while some may appreciate the ability to ramp up the power to 80W, not everyone is likely to need that feature.

The Nord 4 makes a great choice for those who want a slightly more personalized experience than the Nord 2 offers. We’d call it an excellent upgrade, if not necessarily an essential one.


  • Larger battery than the Nord 2
  • UP/DOWN controls for adjusting power
  • Larger output range


  • Larger than the Nord 2
  • Longer charge time
  • Extra power output may not matter for some users
Novo 4 on white background with key features

SMOK Novo 4

The Novo 4 is the latest model in the Novo lineup, and is smaller and lighter than either Nord model listed above. It’s not light on features, though—you get a nice, bright OLED screen and adjustable airflow controls, similar to what’s on the Nord 4 but in a lighter package.

Here’s what the Novo 4 is rockin’ when it comes to the specs we’re looking at:

  • Price: $59.99
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Coil Compatibility: LP1 Coils
  • Refillability: Refillable pod cartridges
  • Activation Type: Activation type: Draw-activated with smart detection
  • Battery Capacity: 800 mAh
  • Charging Port Type: USB-C
  • Charge Length: Approx. 60 minutes (with supplied charger)
  • Size: 93.5mm x 26.5mm x 17.7mm
  • Weight: 51.7g

The Novo 4 is ideal for MTL vaping, and it’s the only draw-activated device on this list. It also weighs considerably less than both Nord models.

What’s the trade-off? Well, you get a battery with less than half the capacity of the Nord 4, and the pods are much smaller (2mL vs. 4.5mL for the Nord 2 and Nord 4). In terms of aesthetics, the Novo 4 also lacks some of the stylish leather trims the Nord devices are available in (although the standard colours are still very cool).

Still, if MTL vaping is your style and you want something smaller and more portable than either Nord, the Novo 4 is an excellent choice.


  • Lighter than both Nords
  • Draw-activated
  • Best for MTL vaping


  • Smaller battery than both Nords
  • Smaller output range (5–25W)
  • Not available in leather versions

Final thoughts on the SMOK Nord 2, Nord 4, and Novo 4.

SMOK doesn’t make bad pod systems, so you shouldn’t worry about quality with any of these devices. Picking the right one just comes down to your personal style and preferences. Want something small for MTL vaping? Go with the Novo 4. Looking for a more robust and powerful device? Try the Nord 2, and upgrade to the Nord 4 if you want the airflow control feature.

As always, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about these pod systems, or any other products we carry. Please feel free to reach out at any time and speak with an experienced member of our team who can help you find the right device for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about SMOK Nord & Novo Devices

How should I use the air inlet ring on the Nord 4 and Novo 4?

Adjustable airflow lets you customize the way each draw feels, as well as the amount of vapour you can produce. Looser draws typically produce bigger clouds with more throat hit, while tighter draws enhance the flavour from each draw.

The air inlet ring on the Nord 4 and Novo 4 devices makes adjusting your airflow easy. Just rotate it one way to open it and the other way to close it. Simple!

What wattage should I vape at for each device?

Wattage preferences can significantly vary depending on your individual taste, the type of e-liquid you use, and whether you prefer a mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping style. However, here’s what we recommend trying for each device:

  • SMOK Nord 2: This device has a wattage range of 1-40W. Try starting at a lower wattage (around 10-15W) for MTL vaping with higher resistance coils, or going up to 30-40W for DTL vaping with lower resistance coils.
  • SMOK Nord 4: With a broader wattage range of 5-80W, you might start around 10-20W for MTL vaping and explore up to 50-80W for DTL vaping (or when using e-liquids with higher VG content, which can benefit from higher temperatures).
  • SMOK Novo 4: This device has a more limited range of 5-25W, making it more suitable for MTL vaping. You’l probably find your sweet spot between 10-20W, depending on the e-liquid you use and how much throat hit you want.

How do I know if my output settings are wrong?

It’s essential to start at a lower wattage and gradually adjust upwards to find your personal sweet spot. Pay close attention to flavor, vapor production, and any signs of burning or harshness—which will let you know you’re using too much power.

Finally, always stay within the recommended wattage for your coil. This prevents premature coil burnout and ensures a pleasant vaping experience.

Do bigger batteries always last longer?

Not necessarily—it depends on your power output settings, coil resistance, and individual usage habits. For instance, vaping at higher wattages will consume more power, and using a lower resistance coil will draw more current, both of which will deplete the battery faster.

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