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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

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STLTH Pods vs. STLTH Pro Pods

Man holding a STLTH vape device

Summary of Key Points

  • STLTH’s new Pro and Pro X pods offer enhanced features like vertical mesh coils and advanced mouthpiece designs. These are designed to be compatible with STLTH Pro Devices, which means they won’t work in older STLTH pod systems.
  • All STLTH Pods, including the new Pro and Pro X versions, maintain a nicotine strength of 20 mg/mL. However, the classic pods are also available in Bold 35 and Bold 50, which mimic the stronger throat hit of higher concentrations.
  • Pro pods each have 4 mL of e-liquid capacity and the Pro X pods have 5.5 mL, which is significantly more than the 2 mL found in older STLTH pods.
  • When it comes to flavour variety, the classic STLTH Pods still take the lead with over 30 options, while the Pro and Pro X lines currently offer a limited range. However, the vertical mesh coils in the newer pods provide more flavour per hit.
  • Pricing for all STLTH pod packs remains around $20, but the higher e-liquid capacity in the Pro and Pro X pods offers more value per mL.
  • Ultimately, there are still plenty of reasons (i.e. flavours) to keep your old STLTH device, but the design and potential of the new pods offer a compelling reason to buy the STLTH Pro as well. Recommended for new users and STLTH devotees who are looking to go deeper with the brand.

STLTH Pods vs. STLTH Pro Pods

STLTH recently announced their Pro lineup of pod systems: a series of brand new devices and pre-filled pods that promise “an extended and more enduring vaping experience”. But how do these pods differ from the original STLTH pods? Are they simply a welcome addition to an already excellent lineup, or do they make STLTH’s classic offerings completely obsolete?

We’re here to help you find out. Below, we share a detailed point-by-point comparison of the features these pods offer, and give you our honest thoughts on their value so you can make an informed decision about how to build out your collection of STLTH vape devices and pods.

Comparison Chart: Classic STLTH vs. STLTH Pro Pods

STLTH actually released two new series of pods to go along with their Pro device: STLTH Pro and STLTH Pro X.
The STLTH Pro pods are slightly smaller than the Pro X pods, but they come in more flavours. They’re also still larger than the original STLTH pods.

The STLTH Pro X pods are the largest that STLTH currently offers. They also feature a completely redesigned body using proprietary absorbent materials and a comfortable silicone mouthpiece—although they don’t have as many flavours just yet.

We’ll share our thoughts on the new pods below, but here’s a chart that shows you what they offer at a glance, and how they stack up to the original STLTH pods we already know and love:

STLTH Pods STLTH Pro Pods STLTH Pro X Pods
 Compatibility  STLTH Devices STLTH Pro Devices  STLTH Pro Devices 
 E-liquid Capacity 2ml  4ml  5.5ml 
 Nicotine Strength 20 mg/mL 20 mg/mL   20 mg/mL
Flavour Options 

15 Fruit

11 Fruit & Ice

2 Mint

1 Tobacco & Ice

1 Tobacco

1 Flavourless

13 Fruit

1 Mint

1 Tobacco

7 Fruit & Ice

1 Mint

1 Tobacco

1 Flavourless

 Price $19.99 per 3 pack ($3.33 per mL)  $20.99 per 2 pack ($2.62 per mL)  $20.99 per 2 pack ($1.91 per mL) 
Airflow System Ergonomic plastic mouthpiece  Ergonomic plastic mouthpiece with built-in rod  Mouthpiece made from custom-designed absorbent material with silicone plug 
Coil Design  Standard magnetic ceramic coil  Vertical mesh coil for enhanced airflow and flavour   Vertical mesh coil for enhanced airflow and flavour
Ease of Use  Easy Easy Easy 

Key Takeaways


The new STLTH Pro and STLTH Pro X pods are both compatible with STLTH Pro devices, while the older STLTH pods won’t work in these systems. That means you’ll need a device upgrade if you want to use the new pods—but with 6 new colour schemes and an 800 mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 1000 puffs per charge, you might be happy to make the switch.

winner: N/A

E-liquid Capacity

This is one area where the new pods really shine. The STLTH Pro pods give you 4mL of e-liquid each, while the STLTH Pro X pods contain 5.5 mL—either way, it’s more than the 2 mL you got in STLTH’s classic pods.

winner: STLTH Pro and Pro X pods

Nicotine Strength

Nothing new to report here. All STLTH pods (including the classic, Pro, and Pro X versions) have a nic strength of 20 mg/mL.

winner: N/A

Flavour Options

Maybe it’s just because they’ve been around longer, but the classic STLTH pods still have the edge when it comes to available flavours. You currently get over 30 flavours across six different categories with the old pods, whereas the STLTH Pro pods give you just 15 flavours and the STLTH Pro X pods are limited to 10.

Again, this will likely change as new flavours are released for the STLTH Pro and Pro X series—but for now, it’s a good reason to hang onto your original STLTH device, even if you do plan on buying the new one.

winner: Original STLTH pods


You’ll pay $19.99 CAD for a pack of classic STLTH pods from U Vape, and $20.99 CAD for a pack of either the Pro or Pro X pods—but the capacity of each pod and the number of pods you get means you’ll actually pay more per mL for the classic pods than either of the new types.

winner: STLTH Pro and Pro X pods

Airflow System

The new pods shine in this department as well. Both the STLTH Pro and Pro X pods feature new mouthpieces—the Pro series sports a mouthpiece with a built-in rod to help keep the e-liquid fresh and prevent leakage, while the Pro X has a silicone plug for the same purpose.

winner: STLTH Pro and Pro X pods

Coil Design

This is maybe the most important point of comparison for us, because the vertical mesh coil in the Pro and Pro X pods is a game-changer. Changing the orientation of the coil allows for more contact with the e-liquid, making each hit more powerful and delivering superior flavour. This is the best reason to consider buying the STLTH Pro and trying out the new pods, and we think you owe it to yourself to give them a shot.

winner: STLTH Pro and Pro X pods

Ease of Use

Fortunately, STLTH has never made a pod for any of their devices that wasn’t easy to use—and the same is true of the new ones. It’s pretty much just plug ‘n’ play, same as it ever was.

winner: N/A

Final Verdict

STLTH’s new Pro and Pro X pods deliver better airflow and more flavour per hit than their predecessors—but they should be considered an expansion of your STLTH collection and not a replacement for your old pods. As it stands, you’ve still got plenty of reasons to keep using your original STLTH device (at least until you’ve tried their whole range of flavours).

The STLTH Pro certainly has an exciting future, and we’re looking forward to the new flavours that will no doubt be introduced for it soon. Find all of U Vape’s STLTH products here so that you can enjoy everything this legendary Canadian brand has to offer, old and new alike.

Frequently Asked Questions about STLTH and STLTH Pro Pods

What are the best-selling STLTH pod flavours?

Some of the most popular flavours for STLTH pods include:

  • Flavourless
  • Tobacco Blend
  • Cubano
  • Frost
  • Honeydew Menthol

Explore our best-selling STLTH pods here to see what other STLTH users like best. STLTH Pro and Pro X pods are still brand new, so only time will tell us what flavours prove to be most popular in these lineups.

Are STLTH Pro pods refillable?

No—all STLTH pods, including those in the Pro and Pro X series, are pre-filled so they can be replaced and disposed of when the e-liquid inside them is used up. Tampering with your pod to refill it can be unsafe and result in damage to your vape device.

Do the new STLTH Pro pods come in Bold 35 and Bold 50 like the old ones?

Not yet. Classic STLTH pods can be purchased in Bold 35 or Bold 50 versions that simulate the strong throat hit from stronger nicotine blends while maintaining a 20g/mL ratio, but this has not yet been offered for the Pro and Pro X series. However, Pro and Pro X pods compensate for this by using vertical mesh coils to provide hits with stronger flavour.

Can I see how much e-liquid is left in my STLTH Pro or Pro X pods?

STLTH Pro pods come with an e-liquid viewing window on the side that lets you see exactly how much juice is left. STLTH Pro X pods are made from an absorbent material that is less transparent—but when this material begins to turn white at the edges, it means the e-liquid in the pod is finished and you should replace it.

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