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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

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Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 FAQ


Christopher Fournier


Feb 28, 2024


Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 with smoke rising on dark background

The Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 is a compact cloud-chasing machine—but before you use it, you’ve probably got some questions. That’s all right; we’ve got answers.

Below, we clear up any confusion you might have about the Aegis Legend 2’s charge time, coil compatibility, ideal e-liquids, and more so that you can get an exceptional experience from this vape device. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

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What Comes in the Aegis Legend 2 Kit?

The Aegis Legend 2 Kit includes:

  • 1 x Aegis Legend 2 Box Mod
  • 1 x Cerberus Tank
  • 2 x Geek Vape X1 0.2ohm Super Mesh Replacement Coils
  • 1 x Coil Tool
  • 1 x Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 x Spare Parts
  • 1 x User Manual
Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 colours

What Colours Does the Aegis Legend 2 Come In?

U Vape stocks the Aegis Legend 2 in 3 different colours:

  • Red
  • Classic Black
  • Navy Blue

What Are the Key Features of the Aegis Legend 2?

The Aegis Legend 2 offers:

  • A dual 18650 battery (1800-3500 mAh per cell)
  • An IP68 rating for water resistance
  • An output range of 5-200 watts
  • 5.5ml e-liquid capacity (for the Cerberus tank)
  • Compatibility with Geekvape Supermesh replacement coils
  • A 1.08” TFT color display
  • USB-C charging
  • A protective silicone cover
  • A sliding lock mechanism for the battery compartment

Is the Aegis Legend 2 Beginner Friendly?

Most devices with sub-ohm tanks aren’t really aimed at new users, but the Aegis Legend 2 has several features that make it more approachable for beginners. The most important ones include:

  • Easy setup: unscrew the tank to pop a coil in, then screw it back in and fill it from the top—no muss, no fuss.
  • Superior airflow: Air intakes are designed to minimize the risk of e-liquid entering your mouth by accident.
  • Quick adjustment mode: If you’re not used to dialling in a sub-ohm device, the Aegis Legend 2 lets you long-press the fire button to enter a mode that simplifies the process.

How Long Does It Take to Charge the Aegis Legend 2?

The supplied charger allows you to reach an 80% charge on the Aegis Legend 2 in just 30 minutes.

Filling port visible on Geekvape Aegis Legend 2

Can I Fill the Aegis Legend 2 Without Removing the Pod?

Yes—the Aegis Legend 2 is a top-fillable device that you can put e-liquid into even while the tank is still connected. Here’s how:

  • Remove the top cap by unscrewing it.
  • Place e-liquid into the oversize fill port.
  • Replace the cap securely when finished.

What Vaping Style is the Aegis Legend 2 Best For?

As a lightweight sub-ohm device, the Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 is ideal for DTL vaping.

What E-Liquids Can I Use with the Aegis Legend 2?

For best results, use only freebase liquids in your Aegis Legend 2 (or any sub-ohm vape device) and choose a heavier concentration of VG to PG for thicker vape clouds.

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Screen visible on Geekvape Aegis Legend 2

How Do I Read the Screen on the Aegis Legend 2?

The Aegis Legend 2 sports a full-colour 1.08” colour screen that shows you:

  • The charge level in each battery.
  • The current wattage for the device.
  • The current resistance level (in ohms).
  • The current amps and voltage levels.
  • Your current puff count.

How Do I Change the Settings on My Aegis Legend 2?

The main commands for this vape device are as follows:

  • Turn On & Off: Click the fire button 5 times.
  • Change Mode: Click the fire button 3 times, then use the scroll buttons.
  • Adjust Resistance: Enter Output Adjustment Mode, scroll to Adjust Coil Resistance, and press the fire button.
  • Adjust Brightness: Press and hold the fire button, then press + or -.
  • Change Colour: Enter Output Adjustment Mode, then hold both scroll buttons at once.
Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 devices

How Long Will the Aegis Legend 2 Last on a Full Charge?

The Aegis Legend 2’s dual 18650 batteries should be able to get you through an entire day’s worth of vaping, even on higher power settings. And the USB-C fast charging feature means you’ll be back up and running in no time if you do happen to run out.

How Do I Adjust Airflow in the Aegis Legend 2?

The sub-ohm tank supplied with the Aegis Legend 2 includes an airflow ring that you can rotate to increase or decrease the amount of air that enters through the sides as you draw. This ring is designed to offer a slight amount of resistance when turning so that you don’t accidentally change your settings by moving it around when it’s in your pocket or a bag.

Is the Aegis Legend 2 Leakproof?

The Aegis Legend 2 is designed to prevent leaks in several ways:

  • Screw-on top cap for the included Cerberus sub-ohm tank.
  • A “Press Protection” lock to prevent accidental firing.

How Do I Lock My Aegis Legend 2?

This part’s easy—just flip the lock switch below the logo on the device! When you do, all buttons will be locked and the screen will go dark. Unlock the device by sliding the switch up again when you want to adjust settings.

How Can I Learn More About the Aegis Legend 2?

To learn more about the Aegis Legend 2 or any other device we sell, contact U Vape and speak with a member of our team. We’ll tell you anything you need to know so you can make an informed buying decision and end up with a device you’ll genuinely love using.

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