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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

How to Ghost-Vape Like a Pro


Christopher Fournier


May 17, 2024


U Vape Blog

Woman with snapback on ghost vaping

Ghost vaping (or ghost inhaling) is a popular trick and a great way to turn heads if you’re in a group of other enthusiasts. You can do it with all kinds of different devices, from box mods to pod systems and even some disposable vape devices. But while the basic steps are pretty simple, getting to the point where you can do it consistently can be a challenge.

We’re here to share some insider knowledge that’ll hopefully make your quest to ghost vape like a pro a bit easier. Learn everything you need to pull this trick off over and over again below.

The Basics of Ghost Vaping (& Other Vape Tricks)

Ghost vaping looks simple on the surface. The basic steps are as follows:

  • Vapes and e-cigarettes must be carried in your carry-on baggage only. Transport Canada and CATSA are strict on this because of the potential fire hazard associated with the batteries used in these devices​.
  • Hold the vapour into your mouth so that it condenses and becomes thicker.
  • Open your mouth to let the vapour out naturally (it should come out in a ball shape).
  • Draw the vapour back in quickly through your mouth or nose to make it disappear.

We’ve written elsewhere about the essential steps of ghost vaping and other vape tricks, but now it’s time for a deep dive into this specific skill. Here’s everything you should do to make your ghost inhales consistent and safe.

Woman taking small inhale from vape device

Step 1: Start Small on the Inhale

Remember, ghost vaping starts with a very controlled, shallow inhale. You can take larger amounts of vapour in as you become better at the trick—but since you’re going to let it condense in your mouth anyway, you don’t actually need as much as you think.

  • Take a gentle puff: NUse your device to draw a small amount of vapour into your mouth. This will reduce the temptation to inhale deeply like you might for a normal vape.
  • Focus on mouth-filling: Filling your mouth with vapour allows for better control when releasing the vapor. So the moment your mouth starts to feel full—stop!
Woman holding breath after taking in vapour through vape device

Step 2: Hold & Condense

Once you have the vapor in your mouth, you need to hold it in for a few seconds. This pause allows the vapor to cool down, which causes it to thicken slightly.

  • Don’t rush: Patience is key here. The longer you can comfortably hold the vapor, the thicker it will get.
  • Thicker is better:The thicker the vapour is, the more cohesive it will be. This makes it easier to manipulate in the final stage of the trick.
Man releasing ball of vapour gently during ghost vaping

Step 3: Release Gently

Releasing the vapor correctly is what makes the ghost effect so visually striking.

  • Open your mouth slowly: Begin by parting your lips just enough to let the vapor start to escape. Do not exhale or use your breath!
  • Let the vapor flow:Allow the vapor to flow out naturally. It should look like a smooth, coherent ball or stream of vapor.
Person blowing thick vape smoke

Step 4: Snap the Vapor Back

This is the defining move of the ghost vaping trick. Pulling the cloud back in takes practice—many people use too much force on the exhale and are too slow on the inhale, when in fact you need the opposite approach.

  • Quick re-inhalation: As soon as enough vapor has escaped, sharply inhale it all back in. This quick motion is what creates the "ghost" effect as the vapor vanishes back into your mouth.
  • Use either your mouth or nose:Depending on your style, you can snap the vapor back through your mouth or your nose. Experiment with both to see which offers better control and produces the best effect for you.

Tips for Mastering Ghost Vaping

Here are some additional tips to help you refine your technique as you learn to ghost vape smoothly:

  • Use the right e-liquid: Higher PG liquids tend to produce a thinner, easier-to-manage vapor than VG-heavy mixes. Find high-PG e-liquids here.
  • Adjust your device settings:If you’re using a variable wattage device, experiment with lower power settings to prevent the vapor from becoming too hot and harsh. Find adjustable pod systems here.
  • Practice in a calm environment:Try to practice in a place without much air movement. Wind or even a strong fan can disrupt the vapor, making it harder to control.
  • Stay hydrated:Vaping can dry out your mouth and throat, making it difficult to perform tricks consistently. Drink plenty of water before and during your practice sessions.

Find High-Quality Vaping Products at U Vape

When you use reliable equipment and e-liquids, doing tricks with your vape is a lot easier. It’s also safer for you, since you’ll face a lower risk of leaks and other performance problems.

U Vape can help. We’ve sold some of Canada’s best vape products and accessories for years, and we’re always happy to make recommendations to individual customers on the products that will meet their needs. Explore some of our top collections below or contact us here to speak with someone on our team.

Top Collections for Ghost Vaping & Other Tricks

Frequently Asked Questions about Ghost Vaping

Should I use freebase or salt nic e-liquid for ghost vaping?

Generally, salt nic e-liquids will be better for ghost vaping and other tricks because the vapour they produce is thinner and easier to manage.

It might seem like the thicker clouds you get from freebase e-juices with more VG are ideal for doing tricks, but remember—since the vapour condenses in your mouth, you don’t need it to be that thick at first.

Why is my ghost inhale coming apart as I take it back in?

There are three reasons why this might be happening:

  1. You haven’t let the vapour condense long enough in your mouth
  2. You’re pushing out the vapour too hard when you exhale, causing it to come apart
  3. You’re not sucking in the ghost ball quick or hard enough, allowing it to dissipate

What are the ideal power settings for ghost vaping?

This will depend on the amount of resistance in your device’s coil, but the trick is to keep the heat down so the vapour can condense more easily. Remember:

More resistance and less current = lower power and less heat.

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