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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada



Christopher Fournier


Feb 17, 2023


Summary of Key Points:

  • The SMOK Nord 5 brings new features to the Nord’s now-classic profile and is available in 12 different colours.
  • The Nord 5 has an 2000mAh battery, a maximum output of 80W, and is button- or draw-activated. It also offers stepless airflow control and a new coil lock design.
  • The Nord 5 can be charged in 1 hour and 40 minutes using the supplied USB-C charging cable. Only use the cable that comes with your device when charging.
  • To prevent your Nord 5 from leaking, avoid overfilling your device or using e-juices saturated with too many sweeteners.

SMOK’s Nord series devices are enduringly popular with vape users of all kinds, but the well-known brand continues to innovate. The new Nord 5 comes with new features like stepless airflow control and a new coil lock design, while maintaining the classic appearance of other Nord pod systems.

If you’ve recently purchased a Nord 5 or are thinking about doing so, you’ve probably got some questions about what makes this device special and how to make the most of it. The U Vape team has answers for the most commonly asked questions about this device below, and is ready to help you learn all you need to know to experience maximum satisfaction while using it.

Packaging for SMOK Nord 5 device

What Comes In the SMOK Nord 5 Device Kit?

Each SMOK Nord 5 Device Kit includes:

  • 1 x Nord 5 Device (2000mAh)
  • 1 x Nord 5 Replacement Pod (5ml)
  • 1 x RPM3 Replacement Coil (Meshed 0.15Ω Coil Preinstalled)
  • 1 x RPM3 Replacement Coil (Meshed 0.23Ω Coil)
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
Hand holding SMOK Nord 5 device

What Notable Features Does the SMOK Nord 5 Have?

The Nord 5 comes with several innovative features that help distinguish it from competing pod systems:

  • An integrated 2000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Stepless airflow control
  • 5ml e-liquid capacity
  • A new coil lock design Compatibility with RPM 3 coils
  • Up to 80w of adjustable power output

How Does the SMOK Nord 5 Compare to the Nord Pro?

The SMOK Nord 5 came out several months after the Nord Pro, and offers a different feature set. We’ve broken down the key similarities and differences below:

Key Similarities

  • USB-C charging
  • LED battery life indicator light
  • Similar shape and appearance

Key Differences

Nord Pro Nord 5
Screen Screenless 0.69” OLED colour screen
Airflow Adjust airflow by rotating pod Stepless airflow control
Output Maximum output of 25W Maximum output of 80W
Pod Capacity 3.3ml pod capacity 5ml pod capacity
Coils SMOK Nord and Nord Pro coil series SMOK Nord and SMOK RPM 3 coil series
Battery 1100 mAh 2000 mAh
Filling Method Side Side of pod
Firing Method Button- or draw-fired Button-fired

What Colours Does the SMOK Nord 5 Come In?

The SMOK Nord 5 is available in:

The Regular Series:

  • Red Grey Dart
  • Blue Grey Dart
  • Green Blue Dart
  • 7-Color Dart
  • Fluid Black Grey
  • Black Dart
  • Blue Pink Dart
  • White Dart

The Leather Series:

  • Black
  • Beige White
  • Grey
  • Brown

How Long Will It Take to Charge My SMOK Nord 5?

The USB-C cable supplied with the Nord 5 allows you to achieve a full charge in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Can I Use a Different Charger to Charge My SMOK Nord 5?

Not unless you want to damage your new device! We strongly advise you to use only the charger supplied with your Nord 5, which was designed to work with it. Users who try to charge their device faster by using a charger with higher voltage run the risk of overheating sensitive electronic components within the device, which can make it less efficient or break it entirely.

How Long Does a Full Battery Last on the SMOK Nord 5?

2000 mAh is a lot of juice, but the Nord 5 is also a variable wattage device with a maximum output of 80W, so the length of time your battery lasts will depend on your specific usage habits. Setting the output to 25W or 30W while using a restricted DTL style should allow a full battery to last nearly an entire day, but other vaping styles and output settings will have different outcomes.

Hand holding Smok Nord 5 device

How Do I Use the Controls on the Smok Nord 5?

The Nord 5’s built-in controls make it easy to turn the device on and off, lock or unlock it, and adjust the wattage. Here’s an overview of how to use them:

  • Power on/off: press the fire button 5 times in quick succession
  • Lock/unlock: press both adjustment buttons at the same time
  • Adjust wattage: press one of the wattage buttons (up or down)
  • Clear puff count: press fire and either of the adjustment buttons at the same time

How Does the LED Indicator on the Nord 5 Work?

Like other devices in the Nord series, the LED indicator light on the Nord 5 glows different colours to tell you how much of a charge the battery is holding:

  • Green light: ≥70% charge
  • Orange light: 30–70% charge
  • Red light: ≤30% charge or less

How Does the Nord 5’s Stepless Airflow Control Feature Work?

The Nord 5 has a built-in slider you can use to adjust your airflow intuitively. Just drag the slider back and forth to increase or decrease the air flowing through the mouthpiece from the dual air inlets on each side—which provide better atomization and allow heat to dissipate more effectively.

Coil in SMOK Nord 5 pod

What Is the Nord 5’s New Coil Lock Design?

The coil lock on the Nord 5’s pod allows it to hold the coil inside tightly, which helps reduce the risk of leaking during use. However, misusing your Nord 5 can still create a leak, so be sure to follow the tips below:

  • Draw gently: drawing too hard on your Nord 5 won’t improve your experience—if anything, it will just cause liquid that hasn’t had a chance to vapourize yet to enter the mouthpiece.
  • Don’t overfill: many leaks in pod systems are caused by trying to put too much e-liquid in the pod. Try filling yours up to around 80% instead.

How Can I Make My Nord 5 Coils Last Longer?

Prevent your device’s coils from burning out too soon by:

  • Priming the coils: coils burn out prematurely if you don’t let e-liquid time soak the wick enough. Once you fill the pod and pop in your coil, wait 5-10 minutes to make sure the wick is saturated.
  • Avoid sweet e-liquid: sweet e-liquids leave burnt sugar behind as residue called coil gunk, which can make your device taste bad and render the coil useless.
  • Vape slowly: taking numerous draws in quick succession is called chain vaping, which can overheat your coils and make them burn out too fast. Keep your draws short and gentle, and leave at least 5 seconds or so between hits.

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