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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

SMOK Novo 4 & Novo 4 Mini FAQ


Christopher Fournier


Nov 24, 2022

SMOK Novo 4 & Novo 4 Mini FAQ

Summary of Key Points:

  • The SMOK Novo 4 and Novo 4 Mini are popular devices from SMOK with similar appearances but slightly different features.
  • The Novo 4 Mini has slightly smaller dimensions than the Novo 4. It also has no fire button or screen, since it’s a direct-draw device—whereas the Novo 4 has both.
  • Both devices use USB-C fast charging. The Novo 4 can reach a full charge in under 90 minutes, while the Novo 4 mini can be charged in 45. Both devices also have inlet rings allowing you to adjust airflow for your vaping preferences.
  • For best results, always prime new coils before use, use only the charger supplied with your device, and avoid overfilling your devices.
novo 4 promotional photo

SMOK has been in the vaping game for a long time, but they keep producing quality new devices ideal for both new and experienced users. Two of the latest devices from their popular Novo series—the Novo 4 and the Novo 4 Mini—confirm that this trend probably isn’t going to change anytime soon. Vape enthusiasts, rejoice!

The U Vape team has sold SMOK products for years, and we know all about the Novo series—including the Novo 4 and Novo 4 Mini. Below, we’ll give you the answers to your burning (vaping?) questions about purchasing, setting up, and using these pod systems.

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What Comes In the SMOK Novo 4 Device Kit?

Each SMOK Novo 4 Device Kit includes:
  • 1 x SMOK Novo 4 Vape
  • 1 x 2mL Novo 4 Pods
  • 2 x 0.8ohm LP1 Mesh Coils
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Instruction Manual
Hand holding SMOK Novo 4 Mini

What Comes In the SMOK Novo 4 Mini Device Kit?

The Novo 4 Mini Device Kit comes with:
  • 1 x Novo 4 Mini Pod System
  • 1 x Novo 4 Mini Replacement Pod
  • 1 x LP1 Meshed 0.9ohm MTL Coil (Preinstalled)
  • 1 x LP1 Meshed 0.9ohm MTL Coil
  • 1 x Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
SMOK Novo 4 features diagram

What Are the Main Differences Between the Novo 4 & Novo 4 Mini?

The Novo 4 Mini differs from the Novo 4 in the following ways:
  • The Novo 4 Mini is smaller (91.6mm by 24.5mm by 16mm vs. 93.5mm by 26.5mm by 17.7mm for the Novo 4).
  • The Novo 4 Mini has no button or screen—it supports direct draw only, so it doesn’t need these features.
  • The Novo 4 Mini has a larger battery than the Novo 4 (900 mAh vs. 800 mAh in the Novo 4).
SMOK Novo 4 Mini features diagram

What Do the Novo 4 & Novo 4 Mini Have in Common?

The Novo 4 Mini and the Novo 4 both have several things in common:
  • Both devices have air-inlet rings to help adjust airflow and customize your draw.
  • Both the Novo 4 and Novo 4 Mini are compatible with SMOK’s LP1 coil series.
  • Both devices use “leak proof” seals and o-rings to keep your e-liquid in the pod where it belongs during use.
Three SMOK 4 Novo devices lying on concrete slab

What Colours Does the SMOK Novo 4 Come In?

The SMOK Novo 4 is available in:
  • Blue Grey Cobra
  • Cyan Pink Cobra
  • Red Stabilizing Wood
  • Black Stabilizing Wood
  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • Silver Carbon Fiber
  • Fluid Black Grey
  • Fluid 7-Color
  • Black Armor
  • White Armor

What Colours Does the SMOK Novo 4 Mini Come In?

The SMOK Novo 4 Mini can be purchased 10 colours across two different categories:

Prismatic IML Series

  • Silver Black Cobra
  • Silver Red Cobra
  • Green Blue Cobra
  • Rasta Green Cobra
  • 7-Color Cobra

Regular IML Series

  • White Cobra
  • Black Cobra
  • Fluid 7-Color
  • Fluid Black Grey
  • Red Stabilizing Wood

How Long Will It Take to Charge My Novo 4 or Novo 4 Mini?

Both the SMOK Novo 4 and Novo 4 Mini have USB-C charging capabilities, allowing them to reach a full charge relatively quickly. The Novo 4 can charge fully in 90 minutes, while the Novo 4 Mini can go from dead to full in just 45.

Can I Use Different Chargers for My Novo 4 or Novo 4 Mini?

You should never use a charger other than the one supplied with your device. The device you buy is designed to handle a specific amount of voltage—using a charger that supplies the wrong amount runs the risk of causing damage to the battery.

How Long Will the Battery Last on My Novo 4 or Novo 4 Mini?

Both the SMOK Novo 4 and Novo 4 Mini can last throughout the day on a fully charged battery. To get the longest possible battery life from either device, we recommend vaping conservatively—taking a single draw for just a couple of seconds every other minute or so will let you enjoy your device longer before having to charge it back up again.

What Can I Adjust on the Novo 4 & Novo 4 Mini?

The Novo 4 Mini is a direct draw device—which means it doesn’t have controls that let you dial the wattage up or down, like you can on the Novo 4. However, since the Novo 4 Mini is compatible with all LP1 coils, you can adjust the wattage by using coils with different levels of resistance.

Using coils with less resistance increases the flow of current while using the device—maximum output for the Novo 4 Mini with compatible coils is 20W, while adjusting the coils and controls on the Novo 4 gives you a power output range of 5–25W.

Both devices let you control airflow by means of an airflow inlet ring. You’ll find this ring on the side of each device, just under the area where the pod goes.

How Long Will the Coils in My Novo 4 or Novo 4 Mini Last?

Both devices use SMOK’s LP1 coils, which typically last for 1–2 weeks. You can increase the lifespan of your coils by cleaning them, avoiding highly sweet e-liquids in your pods, and following best practices when using your device (discussed below).

Why Isn’t My Device Hitting Correctly?

The SMOK Novo 4 and Novo 4 Mini may have trouble hitting properly if:
  • The sensor on the device is dirty. Try wiping the area underneath the pod with a clean cotton swab whenever you put a new pod in.
  • Your battery is too low. Fully charge either device before firing to ensure a healthy flow of current and a satisfying draw.
Diagram showing leak-proof features on SMOK Novo 4 Mini

Why Is My Novo 4 or Novo 4 Mini Leaking?

Both pod systems are designed with anti-leak technology, but misusing your device can make leaking more likely. Here are some best practices for keeping the e-juice in these devices where it belongs:
  • Keep your device upright, as e-juice can leak out more easily when its lying on one side (if you’re keeping it in a pocket or bag, close up the air holes before putting it away).
  • Check the seals. Leaks can occur if your pod and coil aren’t installed all the way, so make sure to double-check before use. Your pod should click when you pop it fully into either device.
  • Vape at higher wattage. Turning up the power on the Novo 4 or using a coil with less resistance in the Novo 4 Mini helps ensure that your e-liquid is vaporizing fully before it comes out of the mouthpiece. When using variable wattage devices like the Novo 4, do not attempt to exceed the maximum wattage for the coil you’re using.

Why Does My Novo Taste Bad or Burn Out Quickly?

You can ruin the flavour of your device or burn out the coils too fast by:
  • Failing to prime the coils. Always wait 10-15 minutes after installing a new coil and filling up the pod before you use your device. This lets the e-liquid saturate the wick properly so the wick doesn’t burn during use.
  • Using sugary e-liquids. The sweeter your vape juice is, the more coil gunk it produces as a byproduct when it vaporizes. This residue builds up until it affects the taste of your device and can also impact the flow of current when you activate it.
  • Drawing too long or too often in a short amount of time. Drawing for longer than a few seconds at a time or chain vaping (where you take a series of quick draws without letting the device cool down in between) can cause overheating and burn your coils out. Keep your draws short and give yourself at least 5 seconds between hits.

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