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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada



Christopher Fournier


Jun 24, 2021

STLTH vaporizer and pods scattered on desk

STLTH is one of the most popular vaping brands we carry, so it comes as no surprise that some of our customers want to learn more about their products. Fortunately, we know everything we sell, inside and out—so we’re more than happy to provide answers to your most burning questions about the STLTH Vape Device Starter Kit.

We’ve spent years investing in our passion for helping people quit smoking, so we’re well-versed in how high-quality vaping products work and where to find them. Keep reading and find out everything you need to know about what STLTH is offering.

1. Are STLTH Pods Refillable?

You might be tempted to try and reuse your STLTH pods by refilling them, but we don’t recommend it. STLTH pods are not designed to be refilled or reused. Tampering with your pods can compromise the quality of the product and your experience using it.

2. How Long Do STLTH Vapes Take to Charge?

STLTH pens have a battery capacity of 420 mAh. Assuming a normal standard for efficiency loss (approximately 20%), it should take just over 1 hour to charge the battery completely with a 0.5A charger. The company advises users not to charge their STLTH pens with rapid chargers, as this may damage the circuits inside the pen and can even pose a safety hazard.

STLTH pod packs next to lantern

3. How Do You Open a STLTH Pod—and Should You?

You might see YouTube videos that promise to show you how to “hack” STLTH pods by opening them with scissors or other household tools—but don’t try it. STLTH pods aren’t designed to be opened by users for health and safety reasons.

4. Why is My STLTH Blinking 10 Times?

If your STLTH pen blinks 10 times, it indicates that there is a short circuit somewhere. This might be the result of trying to charge your pen with a rapid charger—which can damage the charging circuits inside the unit.

5. What Should You Do if Your STLTH Won’t Hit?

The first time you draw on your STLTH vape, you might need to use a little extra suction to hit it properly. Remember, everyone’s puffing style is unique and adjusting to a new vape pen usually takes some time.

If your pen still won’t hit, check the 2 bronze contact points at the bottom of the unit and make sure they’re clean. You can use a cotton swab to gently remove moisture or dirt from these areas.

6. How Long Do STLTH Pods Last?

For best performance, STLTH recommends completing each 2mL pod within 36 hours of starting it. However, users have reported taking 2-5 days on average to complete each pod.

Once you’ve finished your STLTH pod, disposing of it is easy! All STLTH pods are recyclable, and UVape has authorized recycling facilities in all of our stores. Just come in and drop your spent pod in the designated bucket on the counter.

7. What Can I Do if My STLTH Won’t Turn On?

STLTH recommends charging your pen fully before using it for the first time (wait until the battery light turns white instead of orange). If your pen doesn’t seem to be charging, we recommend plugging your charger into an alternative power source like a laptop USB port.

If that fails, try wiping off the metal contact points on both the charger and the device with a cotton swab (as described in Question 5). If you still aren’t having any luck, contact the company’s customer service team at

8. Where Are STLTH Vapes and Vape Pods Made?

Raw materials for all STLTH products come from China, but all filling, assembling, and packaging takes place in Canada, at facilities that are closely monitored to ensure strict quality control.

9. Is My STLTH Compatible with Other Cartridges?

Again, you might see people elsewhere on the internet advertising “STLTH-compatible” pods from no-name brands, but don’t take the risk! The company warns that you should only ever use STLTH cartridges bearing their trademark and logo on the packaging with your STLTH vape pen.

10. What if My STLTH Pod is Leaking?

If you notice your STLTH pod leaking, don’t panic! Instead, just disconnect the pod from the battery and wipe away any remaining liquid with a cloth or cotton swab. Then put a piece of tissue paper on top of the mouthpiece and blow through the bottom of the cartridge so the tissue catches any remaining condensation. After that, it should be all right to reconnect the pod and continue using it.

If your pod is leaking continuously, you may need to replace it. Swap the leaking pod out for a new one and reach out to the STLTH customer service team for help at

11. Your STLTH Mysteries Solved

Still have questions about any of the STLTH products we carry? Just contact us for help. We’re standing by to help you learn everything you need to know about these products so you can use them safely and responsibly. Reach out to us today!

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