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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

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Top 12 UWell Caliburn G FAQ


Christopher Fournier


Nov 23, 2021

UWell Caliburn G vaporizer in hand

An excellent pod system for beginner vapers, the UWell Caliburn G offers a light, slim design and easy-to-use features while delivering high-quality hits. It also offers numerous upgrades from the original Caliburn. Still, you might need a few tips to get the most from your Caliburn G—and if you do, we’re here to help.

The U Vape team has spent significant time with this pod system and is ready to share our in-depth knowledge with you. Keep your Caliburn G in optimal condition and enjoy every hit with this handy guide that answers your most common questions about the device.

1. What Unique Features Does the UWell Caliburn G Have?

The Caliburn G offers a few features not found on other models:

  • A 690 mAh battery
  • Maximum output of 18W
  • Adjustable airflow (restricted DTL or MTL vaping options)

2. What Features Does the UWell Caliburn G Share with the Caliburn A2?

The Caliburn G and Caliburn A2 are both fillable from the top and have two selectable modes: button-activated and draw-activated. Both pod systems also use 2mL pods.

3. What Colours Does the UWell Caliburn G Come In?

The Caliburn G comes in 6 available colours, including

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Rose Brown
  • Black
  • Grey

4. How Long Will It Take to Charge My UWell Caliburn G

Thanks to the USB-C fast charger that comes with the device, the UWell Caliburn G can recharge fully in approximately 45 minutes.

5. Can I Use a Different Charger to Charge My UWell Caliburn G?

Using a charger other than the one supplied with your Caliburn G is not recommended. Using a charger rated for too much power or voltage can damage your pod system’s battery and permanently affect its performance.

    6. Can I Adjust the Wattage on My UWell Caliburn G?

    The UWell Caliburn G is not a variable wattage device. It’s maximum output is set to 18W.

    7. How Do I Know When My UWell Caliburn G Is Charged?

    The light at the bottom of the Caliburn G flashes slowly in the following colours while the device is charging at various stages:

    • Red: low charge
    • Blue: medium charge
    • Green: sufficient charge

    When the Caliburn G has finished charging, the battery indicator light will stop flashing and remain green.

    8. How Long Will My UWell Caliburn G Pods Last?

    Many users report their Caliburn G pods lasting for around 1.5 weeks. However, your experience will vary depending on your usage habits.

    9. Why Isn’t My UWell Caliburn G Hitting Correctly?

    Many users report their Caliburn G pods lasting for around 1.5 weeks. However, your experience will vary depending on your usage habits.

    10. Why Is My UWell Caliburn G Leaking?

    The UWell Caliburn G is designed to be leak-resistant. Most leaks will only occur if you are using the device improperly. For example:

    • You might be drawing too hard. Sucking too hard on the Caliburn G’s mouthpiece during use can bring e-liquid into the air tube (or even your mouth). Always puff gently on your UWell Caliburn G pod system.
    • You may have overfilled the device. Avoid filling your UWell Caliburn G all the way to the top of the device. Instead, leave a little room for air so that e-liquid cannot overflow and run down the sides of the device.

    11. Why Does My UWell Caliburn G Taste Bad?

    Make sure you have properly primed the coil for your UWell Caliburn G after filling it for the first time. Allow five minutes between filling and firing the device for the e-liquid to saturate the cotton wick fully. Skipping this step can burn the coil, ruining the taste of each hit.

    12. Why Are My UWell Caliburn G Pods Burning Out Too Fast?

    Your UWell Caliburn G pods can burn out too quickly if:

    • Your e-liquid is too sweet. Sweeter e-liquids leave behind residue called coil gunk that can affect the lifespan of your pod and ruin the taste of your hits. We recommend switching to a milder e-liquid when using this device.
    • You do not prime the coil. In addition to creating a burnt taste during each hit, failing to prime the coil in your device can affect the lifespan of your pod.
    • Chain-vaping. Drawing too many times in quick succession does not leave time for e-liquid to saturate the wick properly between hits. As a result, your pod may lose its flavour and burn out too quickly.

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