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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

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UWell Caliburn GK2 FAQ


Christopher Fournier


Oct 25, 2022

UWell Caliburn GK2 FAQ

Summary of Key Points:

  • The UWell Caliburn GK2 looks similar to the brand’s previous Koko Prime device but includes features carried over from other models in the Caliburn series.
  • Key features on the GK2 include interactive lighting, USB-C fast charging, and an airflow control wheel.
  • The GK2 is compatible with 0.8Ω or 1.2Ω Caliburn G2 replacement pods.
  • To avoid problems with your GK2, always ensure that it is fully charged and filled with a compatible nic salt e-liquid. Also, be sure to prime new coils before use, and avoid drawing too hard, too long, or too frequently.

It might look different from other devices in UWell’s popular Caliburn series, but the GK2 offers a pleasantly familiar experience to fans of those pod systems (with a few extra bells and whistles as well). If you’re wondering what to expect from this unique vape device, don’t worry—you’ve come to the right place.

The U Vape team knows UWell products inside and out, including the Caliburn GK2, and we’re here to answer your questions about it. Learn all you need to know about buying, using, maintaining, and troubleshooting this exciting pod system.

What Comes In the UWell Caliburn GK2 Device Kit?

Each UWell Caliburn GK2 Device Kit includes:

  • x1 UWell Caliburn GK2 Pod System
  • x1 UN2 Meshed-H 1.2ohm Caliburn G2 Coil (pre-installed)
  • x1 UN2 Meshed-H 0.8ohm Caliburn G2 Coil (spare)
  • x1 User Manual
  • x1 Type-C Charging Cable
  • x1 Lanyard

What Unique Features Does the UWell Caliburn GK2 Have?

The Caliburn GK2 offers a few features not found on the Caliburn G2:

  • A 690 mAh battery
  • USB-C fast charging
  • Interactive lighting
  • Adjustable airflow for MTL or restricted DTL vaping options

How Does the UWell Caliburn GK2 Compare to the Caliburn G2?

Key Similarities

The Caliburn GK2 and the Caliburn G2 both:

  • Come with an e-liquid viewing window
  • Are compatible with 0.8Ω or 1.2Ω Caliburn G2 replacement pods
  • Can be filled from the top so that the pod doesn't need to be removed
  • Have controls that can be used to adjust airflow during use
  • Vape showing open cartridge

    Key Differences

    The Caliburn GK2 and G2 devices look extremely different and have a number of different features:

    • The G2 has the long and narrow “pen” shape of other devices in the Caliburn series, but the GK2 borrows the boxier look of the brand’s Koko Prime device
    • The G2 can be activated via drawing or using the fire button, but the GK2 is draw-activated only
    • The GK2 adds a glass panel with unique lighting that changes based on your usage
    GK2 full kit

    What Colours Does the UWell Caliburn GK2 Come In?

    The Caliburn GK2 comes in the following colours:

    • Aurora Green
    • Ribbon Red
    • Ocean Flame
    • Matte Black

      How Long Will It Take to Charge My UWell Caliburn GK2?

      Charging the UWell Caliburn GK2’s 690mAh battery from dead to full with the included USB-C fast charger takes approximately 30 minutes.

      Can I Use a Different Charger to Charge My UWell Caliburn GK2?

      It’s never a good idea to use a charger other than the one supplied with your device. Some users may think using a higher-voltage charger will charge the battery in their Caliburn GK2 faster, but this can easily damage your device since it isn’t designed to handle the extra current.

      How Long Does a Full Battery Last on the UWell Caliburn GK2?

      When fully charged, the battery in the UWell Caliburn GK2 can be expected to last for close to seven hours.

      Can I Adjust the Wattage on My UWell Caliburn GK2?

      The UWell Caliburn GK2 is a fixed wattage device with a default power output of 18W. The only way to change the output is to use pods with different levels of resistance in their integrated coils. Pods with coils that have lower resistance allow more current to flow through and increase the power—allowing you to create larger clouds and experience more flavour at the cost of some battery life.

      Caliburn Gk2

      What Does the UWell GK2’s Interactive Lighting Feature Do?

      The UWell Caliburn GK2 has lights built into its glass screen that flash depending on your activity. These bars will activate to let you know when:

      • The voltage for your device is low: the lights will blink red 10 times and the device will vibrate 3 times.
      • The circuit for your device is open: the lights will blink blue 3 times and the device will vibrate 2 times.
      • You vape for more than 8 seconds at a time (overtime): the lights will blink green 5 times and the device will vibrate 2 times.
      • The device short circuits: the lights will blink yellow 4 times and the device will vibrate 4 times.

      The flashing lights on the device also change colour to indicate different power levels:

      • Red: battery under 30%
      • Blue: battery at 30-60%
      • Green: battery over 60%

      When the Caliburn GK2 is finished charging, the device will vibrate once and the green light will remain steady.

      How Long Will My UWell Caliburn GK2 Pods Last?

      Since the UWell Caliburn GK2 uses the same pods as the Caliburn G2, you can expect them to last for roughly the same amount of time—around 1-2 weeks. The coil in each pod should be able to last through 20-25mL of e-liquid (potentially a little less with sweet liquids that can cause coil gunk to build up).

      Why Isn’t My UWell Caliburn GK2 Hitting Correctly?

      You may have trouble getting the UWell Caliburn GK2 to hit properly if:

      • The connection between the coil and the device is bad. When this happens, the device may vibrate and flash blue instead of hitting, which indicates that it can’t detect the pod you’ve installed. Try swabbing the coil and the connector with a q-tip to remove residue and attempt to install the pod again. If that fails, try a different pod with a new coil.
      • The battery in your device is dead. Without a charge, your GK2 can’t heat up the e-liquid in the pod to produce vapour. Try connecting your device to the USB-C charging cable it came with and waiting until it’s fully charged.

      Why Is My UWell Caliburn GK2 Leaking?

      The pods you’ll use in your Caliburn GK2 are built with seals to prevent leakage, but misuse can still result in e-liquid where you don’t want it. For example:

      • Hitting too hard. The GK2 is intended for tight-to-medium draws, so inhaling vigorously can suck e-liquid into the mouthpiece before it has a chance to fully vapourize.
      • Overfilling your pods. The e-liquid window on the device and the construction of the pods it uses are intended as fail-safes, but you can still force too much e-liquid into the pod if you try. Doing this will result in liquid spilling from the pod during use.
      • Using the wrong e-liquid. The Caliburn GK2 is designed to work with nic salt e-liquids. Other kinds of e-liquid may not vapourize as efficiently, potentially causing e-liquid to enter the mouthpiece during use.

      Why Does My UWell Caliburn GK2 Taste Bad?

      Always remember to prime the coil in a new pod before using your Caliburn GK2. Once you’re done filling the pod, install it in the device and wait for 5-10 minutes. This lets the e-liquid saturate the wick properly and helps you avoid burning the coil accidentally during use.

      Why Are My UWell Caliburn GK2 Pods Burning Out Too Fast?

      The pods you use in your Caliburn GK2 might not last as long if you:

      • Vape without priming the coils. Using your device without giving the e-liquid a chance to saturate the wick in a new pod can result in burning the coil.
      • Use super-sweet e-juice. Sweeter e-liquids produce more coil gunk—residue left behind after the liquid has been vapourized. When enough of this gunk builds up, it can ruin the taste of your device and make it less efficient as well.
      • Frequent overtime or chain vaping. Consistently drawing for over 8 seconds at a time or taking a series of draws too close to each other can cause overheating in your device and burn your coils out faster. For best results, wait five seconds between each hit and keep every draw under 8 seconds.

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