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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

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STLTH Pro Unboxing + Review


Christopher Fournier


Mar 27, 2024


Yellow and Pink STLTH Pro laid out on book


  • The STLTH Pro is a new closed vape device featuring an 800 mAh lithium ion battery, USB-C fast charging, and compatibility with 4mL Pro and 5.5mL Pro X pods.
  • Pro and Pro X pods use integrated vertical mesh coils, enhancing e-liquid taste and providing faster heating and longer coil lifespan than older STLTH pods.
  • The STLTH Pro has a modern metallic finish with an LED battery indicator light designed as a thin stripe across the device's bottom. This gives it a more modern look to complement its enhanced functionality.
  • The device is engineered to prioritize ease of use, with no need for output settings or airflow adjustments—simply insert a pre-filled pod of your choice and draw.
  • The STLTH Pro's battery capacity allows for over a day of vaping, and is recommended for smokers transitioning from cigarettes to vaping. You can buy your STLTH Pro device and compatible pods at U Vape.

It’s bigger. It’s badder. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the STLTH Pro!

STLTH bills this new closed vape device as a redesign of their classic STLTH vape, but it might be more fair to call it a reengineering. The changes here go far beyond the surface—you’ll find a new battery, new charging technology, and a new coil type, among other things.

But is the STLTH Pro an essential upgrade or just a neat new entry into the brand’s product lineup? Read on and let our team of enthusiasts at U Vape give you our honest thoughts.

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STLTH Pro device and it's packaging

Key Features of the STLTH Pro

The STLTH Pro offers:

  • An 800 mAh integrated lithium ion battery
  • Direct draw firing
  • Compatibility with 4mL Pro and 5.5mL Pro X pods
  • An integrated battery charge indicator light
  • USB-C fast charging

The Pro and Pro X pods that fit inside this device also use integrated vertical mesh coils, which enrich the taste of your e-liquid while heating up faster and lasting longer than conventional coil designs.

All of these features promise a significant upgrade from the original STLTH device—now let’s find out if the Pro lives up to the hype!

First Impressions of the STLTH Pro

Look & Feel

Upon unboxing the Pro, the new feature we noticed first was its super-modern metallic finish. The battery indicator light on the Pro also gives “Tron” vibes (look it up if that reference is too old for you)—it had more of a pill shape on the previous STLTH C devices, but this one is more of a thin stripe across the bottom of the device.

All of this certainly makes a statement; it’s like STLTH is trying to tell you that they’ve moved into the future. That’s a nice design flourish, as long as the new device actually offers a noticeably better experience. But we’ll get into that later.

Ease of Use

STLTH’s original vape device was primarily aimed at smokers seeking an alternative that would still feel comfortable and familiar—so they’ve always shot for ease of use and simplicity in their designs. That hasn’t changed here; you don’t need to mess around with output settings, firing buttons, or airflow adjustments because the Pro doesn’t have any. The order of operations here is as simple as popping in a pre-filled pod, charging up the device, and drawing.

Bottom of STLTH Pro device showing charging port and charging cord

Using the STLTH Pro

Charging & Setup

Charging the Pro takes under an hour with the supplied USB-C charger. That doesn’t seem like a major improvement on previous STLTH devices—but it is when you remember that those devices all had smaller batteries (the Type C series, for example, only packed 470 mAh per battery).

Other than charging the device, there’s no real setup required here. Just pop in a pre-filled pod containing your favourite e-liquid and you’re good to go.

Flavour Profile & Strength

Since the STLTH Pro is compatible with Pro and Pro X pods, you get a lot of different flavour options here. Check out our STLTH Pro FAQ for the full list, but here’s a quick breakdown:

STLTH Pro Pods STLTH Pro X Pods
Fruit & Ice(mm) 13 flavours 11 flavours
Fruit N/A 5 flavours
Mint 1 flavour 2 flavours
Tobacco 1 flavour 2 flavours
Total 15 flavours 20 flavours

Some of the most popular pods compatible with the STLTH Pro include Cool Mint (STLTH Pro X), Golden Tobacco (STLTH Pro), and Lush Ice (STLTH Pro). We tried these out to see if they deliver an experience beyond the original STLTH pods.

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Draw Quality

There are two main features of the STLTH Pro that contribute to the quality of every draw—the vertical mesh coils integrated into each pod and the lack of airflow controls. The first of those things is a really nice touch—vertical coils have more contact with the e-liquid in the pods, which means you get more flavour with each draw. This creates a noticeably better taste than what you got from older STLTH devices.

As for the lack of airflow controls, that’s nothing new here. STLTH has never made a device with adjustable airflow and they clearly aren’t starting now. Would it be nice to have someday? Maybe, but that would go against the brand’s stated aim to produce vape devices that offer as close an experience as possible to using cigarettes in order to help smokers transition.


Here’s where the STLTH Pro really wins out over previous entries in the series. The previous STLTH Type-C devices offered respectable battery capacity at 470 mAh each, but the 800 mAh battery in the Pro lets you go almost twice as long. In practice, we found that this equates to well over a full day of vaping—you might even be able to get away with only charging once every two days if you keep your usage moderate.

Should You Buy the STLTH Pro?

We strongly recommend the STLTH Pro, as long as you’re the type of user it’s meant for. If you’re looking for a vape that feels like a toy, you’re going to want something with more buttons and sliders—but if you’re looking for a vape that feels like a cigarette (only better and not as bad for you) then this is probably the best device on the market.

Find Your STLTH Pro

STLTH Pro device laying on a guitar

Frequently Asked Questions about the STLTH Pro

What do the indicator lights on the STLTH Pro mean?

The STLTH Pro has a sleek LED indicator strip light that encircles the bottom of the device. Here’s what the different colours it flashes mean:

  • White: 80-100%
  • Yellow: 40-80%
  • Red: 0-40%

Can I refill the STLTH Pro or STLTH Pro X pods?

No, the STLTH Pro and STLTH Pro X pods are both pre-filled. When the e-liquid inside them is empty, you’ll need to dispose of the pods responsibly and buy new ones. Tampering with your pods in an attempt to refill them can lead to leaks that damage your device.

What if I activate my STLTH Pro accidentally?

As a draw-activated device, the STLTH Pro is designed to prevent accidental firing when being stored or transported.

What is the nic strength of the STLTH Pro?

All STLTH Pro and STLTH Pro X pods come with a nicotine strength of 20 mg/mL.

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