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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

Utillian 620 Dry Herb Vape Review

Utillian 620 dry herb vaporizer on table

As a medical cannabis user - thanks to three separate spinal injuries and a bunch of arthritis to go along with them - I’ve had my fair share of dry herb portable vapes. My portable collection has included the Pax, Pax 2.0, Pinnacle Pro, Davinci IQ, the Grasshopper Titanium, and around a dozen Dynavaps.

I medicate several times throughout the day depending on how my pain is treating me. When assessing a device, I take that point of view: is this device something that a regular or daily user will see value from?

Earlier this summer I reviewed the Utillian 421, Utillian’s ultra-affordable sub-$100 vape. U Vape is currently selling it for $98, and it’s probably one of the best electric portables you can buy for the money.

At the top end of the Utillian portable vaporizer range is the 722, which retails for around $210 - $230 Canadian dollars. In the middle is the Utillian 620, which is currently selling on U Vape for $180.

My experience with the 620 has been excellent. Exceptional, even. It is affordable while providing a suite of premium features and smart design choices that normally come in devices twice or thrice the price. And it’s proven to be robust and reliable - the true sign of a quality vape.

Frankly, the 620 comes as a breath of fresh air (cough) in an increasingly crowded segment. Plenty of vapes have great form factors and quick heating times, but few are able to be as good after 100 sessions as they were on the first. The 620 is one such vape.

What makes the Utillian 620 such a good portable vaporizer? Let’s find out!

Utillian 620 Dry Herb Vape package

Utillian 620 TL/DR Version

  • What is the Utillian 620? The Utillian 620 is a convection-oven electric portable vaporizer. It features a 2300 mAh battery, a glass stem/mouthpiece, a 0.2g herb chamber, precise temperature control (via the digital LCD display), a unique helical design for the airpath, and numerous built-in quality of life features (such as a magnetic stir tool).
  • Is the Utillian 620 worth its price? The $150 - $250 price range offers plenty of good vapes for the money. The Utillian 620 is priced at $180 Canadian dollars (or roughly $140 USD) and outperforms just about any vape comparably priced. It’s a good value.
  • How is the Utillian 620 battery life? The battery lasts for 60-minutes and is good for 5 or 6 sessions before requiring a recharge. The integrated 2300 mAh battery takes approximately 3 hours to charge from empty using the included micro-USB cable.
  • What is our take on the Utillian 620? The Utillian 620’s vapour quality is second to none at this price range, and that’s just the icing on the cake. The 0.2g chamber and unique helix-convection oven make it a great daily-use vape. It’s easy to clean and largely self-contained. Best of all, all attachments are magnetic and snap-to exactly where they need to be. Ideal for medical users, daily users, or people that want a good all-in-one portable vape.

What's in the box?

The Utillian 620 comes with:

  • 1 x user manual, containing safety and warranty information for the device
  • 2 x cleaning brushes
  • 2 x replacement filter screens
  • 1 x Micro-USB cable
  • 1 x 620 vaporizer

Utillian 620 Specifications

  • Battery type & size: 2300 mAh integrated
  • Battery life: Estimated 60-minutes
  • Oven type: Convection
  • Temperature Range: 160°C – 220°C (320°F - 428°F)
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum shell, glass stem/mouthpiece, ceramic heating chamber
  • Dimensions: Height: 4” / 10.16 cm (mouthpiece tip to base), Width: 1.75” / 4.44 cm, Depth: 1" / 2.54 cm Depth:
  • Key features: Helix-convection oven, integrated magnetic stir stick, glass mouthpiece

Utillian 620 First Impressions

Utillian ditches the kidney-bean shape of the 421 and replaces it with a more conventional (convectional? ;) design. While I didn’t find the kidney-bean’d 421 off putting to hold or use, I greatly prefer the more universal shape of the 620.

Let it be known that glass mouthpieces are the best mouthpieces for a portable. I can appreciate that many vapes use metal or plastic mouthpieces for cost or design reasons, but glass is the way to go for max draw quality. It holds the flavour better and is nice to the touch. I was happy to see that Utillian wisely kept the glass mouthpiece on the 620.

The mouthpiece section is attached magnetically and easily removable. The use of magnets as attachments is clever, as both the mouthpiece and magnetic stir stool snap into their respective positions and stay firmly seated (but are easy to remove). If you’re someone with nerve damage or RSI’s in your hands/wrists, you’ll appreciate the choice of magnet vs. screw-down or snap-in attachments.

The LCD display is bright and easy to see. It responds quickly to inputs from its three buttons and has a wide viewing angle.

The buttons themselves are tight and responsive when manipulated. The 421’s buttons were fine but had tangible wiggle room, whereas the 620’s button design and operation are both much more refined.

Using the Utillian 620 Vaporizer


The Utillian 620 has three buttons you interact with: the top, which turns the vape on/off, and the middle/bottom buttons, which act as up/down selectors for temp/menu settings.

  • To turn the Utillian 620 on, quickly press the top button five times. It will automatically start heating to its last set temperature (it comes from the factory set to 160°C / 320°F).
  • To change the temperature settings, first turn the vape on and then press the middle/bottom buttons to adjust the temperature up or down. Holding the middle/bottom button will cause the display to move in 5°C increments.
  • To turn the Utillian 620 off, quickly press the top button five times.

Note that the Utillian 620 cannot be used while it is plugged in and charging (disappointingly).

Thoughts On Using The Utillian 421 After 8 Weeks Of Daily Use

  • The magnetic stir stick and removable mouthpiece are more than just gimmicks. Both are very convenient and intuitive to use.
  • With a full battery, it takes the Utillian 620 about 21 seconds to reach 160°C / 356°F, which is excellent performance and reflective of its price. It hits 205°C / 401°F injust under 32 seconds.
  • Vapor quality is the 620’s strong suit, with the vapor just as good today as it was early late when I first started it.
  • Cleaning the 620 is easy:
    • Use the integrated stir stick to pop out the heating chamber’s steel helix base
    • Use the supplied brushes and give everything a good scrub
      • Soak the brush in a bit of ISO to clean the inside of the mouthpiece and heating chamber
    • Soak the metal screen in ISO for 5-10 minutes and rinse clean
    • Make sure everything is dry before powering it back on
  • The 620 has approximately 1 hour of battery life, which is good for 5 - 7 sessions (depending on the temperature you run it at and the length of the configurable auto-shutoff timer)

Final Thoughts

The Utillian 620 is a quality vape. I like how quickly it reaches temperature, the consistency of vapor quality, and the use of magnetic attachments. As someone with nerve damage in my arms and hands, it’s a nice touch that makes the device more accessible.

I also like the integrated stir stick, precise temperature control settings, and battery life. The 620 makes the cut as an “all-day vape” as long as you aren’t planning on more than 5 hot sessions before charging.

Utillian touts the helix convection as “revolutionary”, and I honestly have no idea how I’d assess that. However, marketing claims aside, the consistency in draw and flavor speaks to the thought Utillian put into the heating chamber and vapor pathway. If that’s because of the helix, then hell yea!

All in all, the Utillian 620 hits hard and plays all day. It’s a great vape for the money and one that will serve you well, even if you’re a medical or heavy user. Recommended.

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