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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

Unboxing the SMOK Nord 50W Device


Christopher Fournier


Mar 15, 2022

Unboxing the SMOK Nord 50W Device


  • The SMOK Nord 50W kit includes the device (with an 1800mAh battery), two types of pods (LP2 and Nord), a Type-C cable, and a user manual.
  • The Nord 50W's design resembles previous SMOK Nord models but offers enhanced features like leak-proof technology, improved airflow controls, and the new LP2 meshed coils.
  • The Nord 50W provides versatility in vaping styles (both MTL and DTL) and boasts a long battery life—lasting almost an entire day even with significant use.
  • The price for the Nord 50W is comparable to other products like the Caliburn G2 and the Nord 4. Recommended for users seeking a versatile and portable pod system.

Unboxing the SMOK Nord 50W Device

There are plenty of vaping devices out there to choose from, and SMOK are well-known for making some of the best. But with numerous SMOK devices on the market, choosing the right one can be a challenge. SMOK’s Nord 50W came out in late 2021, adding another exciting option to their lineup. But how does it stack up to other SMOK products and competing vaporizers?

The only way we could satisfy our curiosity (and yours) was to get our hands on a Nord 50W and unbox it. We’ve compiled our thoughts on this vape device below so you know whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned money. Read on to learn all about the Nord 50W’s features and find out what we thought of using it. We promise to give you our honest opinions, without blowing any SMOK up you — well, you get it.

Inside the opened box of SMOK Nord 4 kit

What’s In the Kit?

The SMOK Nord 50W comes with:

  • 1 x Nord 50W Device (1800mAh)
  • 1 x Nord 50W LP2 Pod (LP2 Meshed 0.23Ω DL Coil Preinstalled) (4ml)
  • 1 x Nord 50W Nord Pod (Nord Regular DC 0.6Ω Coil Preinstalled) (4.5ml)
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

SMOK has always been extremely professional in terms of packaging its products, and the Nord 50W is no exception. The aesthetic here is that of a premium but approachable product—clear text and graphics on the front of the box spell out exactly what the device’s main features are, and the materials used have a nice weight and texture to them, reminding you that SMOK takes your business seriously and wants to provide you with a device you’ll love.

SMOK Nord 50W kit in red with its charger

First Impressions of the SMOK Nord 50W

At first glance, the appearance of this device isn’t that different from previous SMOK Nord models. The classic shape (rather reminiscent of a USB stick) is still here, and the device still sits nicely in your hand without feeling too bulky or heavy. But make no mistake—this is a powerful device, in spite of its fairly unassuming size. As mentioned in the section above, the Nord 50W uses a 1800mAh battery and has a maximum output of 50W (as the name implies), which means you should be able to use it for extended periods of time at relatively high wattage without depleting it (we’ll tell you more about whether the battery lived up to our expectations in the next section).

There are a couple of other features here not found on previous Nord series devices. For example, SMOK claims to have added new “leak proof” technology to the Nord 50W, along with enhanced airflow controls. A single switch on the back of the device controls two airflow intakes—one on each side of the device. And then there are the new LP2 meshed coils, which intrigued us. Do they make a difference? Hang on, we’re getting to that soon.

There’s also a slight change to the Nord 50W device’s pods—they each have a little tab at the bottom. It doesn’t make any difference when you’re snapping a pod into the device, but you’ll need to release the tab before you can remove the pod. This seems designed to keep the pod from coming loose accidentally and causing a leak (one of those “leak proof” features SMOK mentioned).

SMOK Nord 4 unassembled with battery on the side

Using the SMOK Nord 50W

The changes mentioned above might not seem revolutionary, but SMOK isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here. Their intent here seems to be to provide users with a more streamlined version of the SMOK Nord 4, with most of the power and slightly more versatility when it comes to tweaking your draw style.

The additional controls for adjusting your airflow make this device compatible with MTL and DTL vaping styles, which instantly gives the Nord 50W a broader range of appeal than the Nord 4 (which is not ideal for MTL vaping straight out of the box, although it can be modified). But what really stands out to us about this new device is the battery. We found it easy to go for an entire day without draining the battery (and going for nearly two was possible too, as long as we stayed under 45W or so).

There are a few other little perks of using this device as well—many of which seem like little luxuries rather than features designed to change the actual vaping experience. For instance, the interface on the device now gives you a goodbye message when you power it down (which is very cute, if not very necessary). There’s also an 8-second cutoff—which might not sound that useful, but will prevent you from accidentally burning your coil to a crisp if you activate the device by accident while it’s in your bag or a pocket.

Speaking of coils, the addition of the meshed LP2 coil is a significant change—and one we really appreciate. These coils are made with 3 silicone rings, which function as a series of failsafes to prevent leaking. They also use an unconventional “honeycomb” design to ensure maximum flavour delivery—a difference we definitely noticed.

Nord 50W Pros

Our favourite things about the Nord 50W are the larger battery, airflow adjustment controls, and the new LP2 pods and coils. You get more time to vape on each charge, the ability to enjoy MTL vaping, and a series of coils that delivers richer flavour with less risk of leakage.

Nord 50W Cons

This device does have less power than the Nord 4 (its maximum output is 50W vs. the Nord 4’s 80W). But other than that, it’s hard to find ways in which the 50W fails to live up to (or improve on) its predecessor.

SMOK Nord 4 showing its USB C charger connection

SMOK Nord 50W Key Features

  • Classic iconic appearance with 15 intriguing colour schemes and textures)
  • Step-less airflow control (air intakes on both sides)
  • Internal 1800mAh battery (max 50W output)
  • SMOK NORD 50W empty replacement pod (2 PACK) [CRC]-LP2 (compatible with LP2 coil series, 4ml)
  • SMOK NORD 50W empty replacement pod (2 PACK) [CRC]-NORD (compatible with NORD coil series, 4.5ml)
  • Atomizer recognition
  • Lithium-ion protection
  • Low voltage warning
  • 8s cut-off
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Type-C USB Port

SMOK Nord 50W Price

The SMOK Nord 50W device kit costs $59.99 CAD. That’s about $15 more than the Caliburn G2 from UWell (which is another great product)—but since this device offers a battery almost twice the size and a much larger maximum power output, the difference in price feels justified. It’s also $10 less than the Nord 4, which should be especially welcome news to users who prefer MTL vaping.

a full image of SMOK Nord 50W device

Final Thoughts on the SMOK Nord 50W

If you’ve been a fan of previous SMOK Nord series vapes, you’re going to love the Nord 50W—and even if you’ve previously been using another brand, this device might convince you to switch. For those who want a versatile, portable, and reliable pod system with less potential for leaking or accidentally frying your coils, this is just the ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SMOK Nord 50W suitable for beginners or experienced vape users?

The SMOK Nord 50W is designed to be versatile and user-friendly—making it suitable for both newcomers and seasoned vape enthusiasts.

How is the SMOK Nord 50W different from the Nord 4?

While the Nord 50W has less power (50W max output compared to the Nord 4's 80W), it offers other enhancements like a longer battery life, better airflow controls, and new LP2 pods and coils. Plus, it's priced $10 less than the Nord 4.

What makes the new LP2 meshed coils different?

The LP2 meshed coils come with three silicone rings for leak prevention and feature a honeycomb design that maximizes flavor delivery.

How long does the Nord 50W's battery last?

The 1800mAh battery of the Nord 50W can last almost an entire day, even with significant usage, especially if kept under 45W.

What safety features does the SMOK Nord 50W have?

The Nord 50W device includes several safety features, including:

  • Low voltage warning
  • 8s cut-off
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection

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