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WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada
WARNING: Vaping products contain Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical - Health Canada

STLTH Vaporizer Unboxing & Review


Christopher Fournier


Aug 10, 2021

STLTH vaporizer on table

Finding the right vaping products can be an intensely personal decision, due to the vast range of tastes and preferences among individuals. Often, choosing a vape pen comes down to knowing what you like and zeroing in on a brand that delivers—so in this post, we’re going to explore what you get with the popular STLTH Vape Device Starter Kit.

Check out the video below or keep reading to see what comes in the kit and learn more about the features of the device itself. We’ve also included some details about pricing, and a few thoughts about who this product might be best for. Ready? Then let’s dive in!

Video Review & Unboxing

STLTH Vaporizer Review Video

*Note: Viewers will be redirected to Youtube when they click on the video above.

**STLTH Starter Kits only come with 20mg/ml pods as of July 2021.

What's in the Kit?

The STLTH Vape Device Starter Kit includes the following:

  • 1 x user manual, containing safety & warranty information for the device
  • 1 x 2ml Berry Blast 20 mg/ml Berry Blast pod
  • 1 x standard micro USB charger
  • 1 x STLTH vape device
STLTH Vapoizer & pod

There is also a STLTH Vape Device Kit available, which includes everything listed above except the pod.

First impressions of the STLTH Vape Device

STLTH Vaporizer unboxing

One of the first things we noticed about this kit is the packaging. Almost everything STLTH does is simple, minimalist, and user-friendly—and the box for this product is no exception. It looks classy and it opens easily. That’s a good start as far as we’re concerned.

STLTH vaporizer packaging

We were also pleasantly surprised by the way the vape pen feels when you hold it in your hand. It has a small, slim profile with a rubberized finish. This allows it to take up just a bit more room in your grasp than a cigarette, while managing to feel more substantial and less disposable—which makes sense, since you’re not going to be throwing it out after you use it.

STLTH vaporizer in hand

Charging the pen is super easy—just plug one end of the supplied charger into an outlet and the other end into your device. It should take about 1 hour to get a full charge, as we’ve discussed in previous articles about this product. The micro USB charger is also a nice touch, since it’s a bit more convenient than the dedicated charging docks that some other vaporizers come with.

STLTH vaporizer charge port

One of the last things we noticed before using the pen was how easy it is to install pods. Simply take your preferred flavour of STLTH pod, push it into the top of the pen, and once it’s charged, you’re good to go.

Using the STLTH Vape Device

The experience of vaping with a STLTH pen really matches the overall vibe of the product and its branding—which is to say it’s simple, sleek, and streamlined. Don’t expect a big draw here; the STLTH pen is designed to provide a restrictive draw similar to what you’d get from a traditional cigarette. That means recent smokers trying to ween themselves off cigarettes and transition into vaping will be right at home.

You’ll get quite a lot of mileage from each charge, since the 420mAh battery lasts for an estimated 250 puffs. The pods themselves have a solid lifespan as well, and we found them to be quite well-designed (which is to say, we didn’t experience leaking or spitback issues).

That brings us to the available STLTH pod flavours—and this, in our opinion, is where the brand really shines. STLTH offers a wide variety of their own flavours to choose from, including creative options like Frost and Tundra Berry as well as more traditional choices like Crisp Apple and Strawberry. You can even get flavours that mimic the taste of tobacco, or go flavourless if you want! Note that regulatory changes may change the flavour aspect in the very near future.

STLTH vaporizer

All STLTH vape pods come with a serial number to ensure authenticity and trace for quality control.

As if that wasn’t enough, STLTH has recently partnered with Naked and Sorbae to offer a line of premium flavours—including some way-out-there varieties like Hawaiian Pog and Passion Fruit Aloe. It’s pretty hard not to be impressed at the sheer level of commitment this brand has put into finding new ways to tickle your tastebuds.

STLTH vaporizer

STLTH Starter Kit Key Features

Here’s a quick list of the features you can expect with the STLTH Starter Kit:

  • Charger type: micro USB
  • Device dimensions: 19.1mm x 11.1mm x 85.5mm
  • Device dimensions (including pod): 19.1mm x 11.1mm x 105.1mm
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 420mAh
  • Available colours: grey, navy blue, black, rose gold


The STLTH Vape Device Starter Kit usually retails for around $27, while the STLTH Vape Device Kit (the one without the pod included) is typically just under $25. Pod cartridges come in packs of 3, with each pack costing about $20.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we’re very impressed by the design of this product and the quality of the pods. We also find the price point extremely reasonable (although be advised that since the pods are non-refillable, you’ll have to factor them into your budget). And of course, we’re pretty blown away by how many different flavours are available.

Ultimately, we recommend the STLTH Vape Device Starter Kit for people who are making the transition from cigarettes to vaping products. The minimalist aesthetic of the device, along with the restrictive draw and the low-to-moderate amount of vapour it produces make this vaporizer comfortably familiar for traditional smokers, while the available flavours help turn it into something new and exciting enough that it feels like an evolution of their previous experience.

STLTH vaporizer

To learn more about STLTH vaporizers or pods, feel free to contact us and speak with someone on our team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions so you can make informed decisions about any vaping products you use.

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